Fall Courses from Elections Research Center Affiliates

Below is a listing of courses at UW-Madison offered during the upcoming fall semester 2015 taught by affiliates of the Elections Research Center. For more information about the courses below, please consult the course catalogue and/or contact the instructors directly.

Political Science

Ken Mayer PS 104: Intro to American Politics and Government — More Info
Byron Shafer PS 184: Intro to American Politics — More Info
Kathy Cramer PS 201: Special Topics in Political Science — More Info
Jack Edelson PS 274: Political Choice and Strategy — More Info
Rikhil Bhavnani PS 401: Political Economy of Development — More Info
Rikhil Bhavnani PS 401: Political Inequality — More Info
Barry Burden PS 426: United States Congress — More Info
Barry Burden PS 817: Empirical Methods of Political Inquiry — More Info
Donald Moynihan PS 878: Public Management — More Info
Noam Lupu PS 987: Comparative Politics Colloquium — More Info
Eleanor Neff Powell PS 989: American Politics Workshop — More Info

Journalism and Mass Communication

Michael Wagner JOURN 335: Intermediate Reporting — More Info
Dhavan Shah JOURN 345: Principles of Strategic Communication — More Info
Lewis Friedland JOURN 676: Communication & Civil Society — More Info
Dhavan Shah JOURN 849: Mass Communication & the Individual — More Info

Communication Arts

Michael Xenos COM ARTS 266: Theory & Practice of Group Discussion — More Info
Michael Xenos COM ARTS 509: Digital Media & Political Communication — More Info

Integrated Liberal Studies

Ken Mayer ILS 157: Bradley Roundtable Seminar — More Info