Election Matters 2022

During the 2022 midterm election season, the Elections Research Center partnered with the State Democracy Research Initiative to host the Election Matters 2022 event series. This event series brought together diverse experts to tackle evolving election-related issues. Topics included election administration, the Voting Rights Act, redistricting, campaign finance, election misinformation, and direct democracy in states.

The recordings of all the Election Matter 2022 events in the series can be found below and on the Elections Research Center’s Youtube channel.

We would like to thank Stafford Rosenbaum LLP for sponsoring this event series

Direct Democracy (September 11)

Ballot initiatives and various forms of constitutional amendment are a potent tool for voters, allowing them to sidestep elected officials and participate in policymaking.  This hybrid virtual and in-person edition of the Election Matters 2022 series explores the advantages and challenges that accompany direct democracy, with attention to recent developments and cases. Panelists include include Dean Vikram Amar (Illinois College of Law), Professor Bruce Cain (Stanford University Department of Political Science), and Chris Melody Fields Figueredo (Ballot Initiative Strategy Center).

Campaign Finance and Election Misinformation (September 13)

Campaign spending continues to set records, and false or misleading election-related content proliferates on social media and elsewhere.  This hybrid in-person and online installment of the Election Matters 2022 series focuses on both campaign finance and the state of our political discourse, including potential regulatory and nonregulatory solutions. Panelists include Professor Daniel Kreiss (University of North Carolina Hussman School of Journalism & Media), Professor Rick Pildes (NYU Law School), and Katie Harbath (Anchor Change).

Redistricting and the Voting Rights Act (June 30)

In Wisconsin and around the country, the post-2020 redistricting cycle has been contentious. Disputes about the Voting Rights Act and about partisan gerrymandering have loomed especially large. Enjoy another virtual installment of Election Matters 2022. This webinar explores hot topics in redistricting law, with emphasis on the Voting Rights Act, and considers the proper role of courts in the redistricting process. Panelists include Michael Li (Brennan Center for Justice), Aseem Mulji (Campaign Legal Center), Erin Murphy (Clement & Murphy), and Professor Franita Tolson (USC Gould School of Law).

Navigating the Post-2020 Election Administration Environment (April 29)

In the wake of the 2020 election and the pandemic, controversies involving election administration have loomed large. Panelists Rebecca Green (William & Mary Law School), Kevin Kosar (American Enterprise Institute), and Tammy Patrick (Democracy Fund) will discuss election administration topics including absentee ballots, drop boxes, voter signature requirements, and more.